Shining His Light Through Photography.

At a very young age, I discovered my love for photography, and knew that this would become a large part of my life. Photography allows me to share with people how I view the world, and to highlight the beauty and details of our Father’s creation. 

In high school I studied photography intensely and later went to
college to pursue a double major in photography and archaeology.
Having a love for missions, archaeology, and photography, I’ve 
had a few opportunities to travel to Israel, Jordan, and Guatemala. And of course my camera went with me! 

Recently, I have started a small photography business. I’ve taken
senior and family portraits, and have done product and construction 
shoots. My passion is still life and landscape photography. 
One day soon I hope to continue in travel and mission photography, 
sharing the beauty and love of our God through the lens of my camera. 

(Please bear with me as I am still in the process of building this website. Soon you will have the option to purchase my prints and other photo products directly from this website). 

Thank you! 

-Annie Wegman